What are the advantages of Dredge Control

It enables a controlled and automated digital mining process....

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Functional Scope

So far the following features are integrated:

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Current Version


The current version is the first relay version of Dredge Control and has the version number 0.7

An overview of the previous range of functions can be found below see link

Dredge Control was developed to control and monitor crypto-miner software on a console basis.
Dredge Control provides the framework for digital mining work. It doesn't matter if the Miner works solo or pool.
Comparable to pictures in a museum, the frame is Dredge Control and the pictures are the console based Miner.as: "Ethminer, Claymore Miner, CCMiner, ZM etc."


Important: I do not favour a miner, everyone is treated equally. So if your mining software is not listed by name, it doesn't matter.

At the moment the monitoring data evaluation (hash rate, runtime, GPU´s etc.) is limited to the Ethminer, which will change with the next versions. Then there will be several Miner Profiles and after configuration of the Miner file the corresponding profile for the evaluation will be stored in Dredge Control, so that not only all console-based Miners can be controlled by Dredge Control, but also monitored.
Monitoring the mining process is extremely important to avoid downtime and mining revenue losses.
Depending on the configuration, the mining software is controlled manually or automatically after starting Dredge Control.

The console outputs (internal or external) monitor the following things:

Is there a connection to the network?
Is the mining software working?
The runtime of the mining software.

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What are the advantages of Dredge Control

Enables a controlled and automated digital mining process.
Automatically terminate crash and error messages and restart the mining software.
Downtimes are exclusively reduced to maintenance intervals and hardware failures.
Mining Revenue losses are reduced and no energy is consumed unused.

Many more features are planned, but will take your time.

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Functional Scope

So far the following features are integrated:

Start of Dredge Control:

Internet Update Check (Encrypted)*
Download the new version (encrypted)*
Update file version exchange and restart Dredge Control
Internet connection required.

Configuration of the miner:

Start with Windows
Keep window in the foreground
Minimize the window at startup
Use external console window
External console Start.bat filenames
External Console Log File Name
Restart after specified time period with or without computer restart
Switch off after stored period if no Internet connection exists
Autostart of the Mine process after program start
Inline-Miner file name
Inline Miner Parameter
Proxy settings

Control and monitoring:

Starting and stopping the Mine process
Miner Software Crash Monitoring (restart after crash with and without restart)
Mine process restart after defined period with and without computer restart
Dredge Control Log
Optical visualization of the Miner status
Connection to Dredge Control Manager for central control (planned)

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System requirements

Dredge Control runs on any Windows with.net framework and internet connection.

Dredge Control was tested exclusively with Windows 7 and Windows 10 systems.

The first installation takes place exclusively via my download program. See over next section for more information

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Warranty and Disclaimer

Before you download or use the software, please read the user agreement in its entirety, I will always refer to it.

As long as I have not agreed a separate license with you, this software license agreement applies. The license agreement becomes legally binding with the download and use of the software. If you do not agree with the agreement, then the use is not permitted and you are encouraged to delete all existing copies. This License Agreement is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and international commercial law. If any part of this agreement is or becomes invalid under applicable law, then the other parts of the agreement are still valid and not affected by it. This Freeware License Agreement is a legal agreement between you, the end user licensee, and myself as the developer of the software.

The software use is free and can be used for commercial as well as non-commercial purposes.

Important: Under no circumstances may the software be modified and no derivative works may be created from the software.

It is permitted to make and distribute copies of the software as long as the purpose of reproduction and distribution is not to generate profits or collect donations. It is forbidden to offer my software on the internet, either as a download link or as a download itself, as soon as advertisements are displayed or appeals for donations are made.

However, there is the possibility of an individual license agreement with me.

Please use the corresponding selection fields in the contact form and enter the required information. After solving the Captcha your message will be sent to me by pressing the send button. I will contact you as soon as possible to arrange an individual license.

I disclaim any liability and claims for this software. This software is offered without warranties of any kind. This software has not been created according to fault tolerance minimizing guidelines and may under no circumstances be used where these properties are required.

This exclusion of liability applies to losses of material and virtual goods of any kind, in present and in the future, which could result from the use or improper use of this software.

All risks of software use lie with the user.

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You can display the manual via the menu bar in Dredge Control. The manual is located on this website and is displayed in your standard browser after selection.

Not Free:

You have the possibility to arrange a support appointment with me at any time, please use the corresponding selection fields in the contact form and enter the required information. After solving the Captcha´s your message will be sent to me by pressing the send button. I will contact you as soon as possible after I have determined and calculated the costs and scope.

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